LP – Sales Team Productivity (PPC)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Want to Improve Your Team's Sales Performance?

SPOTIO is designed to improve Sales Team Productivity.

SPOTIO enables field sales teams with unprecedented capabilities to increase sales efficiency by 46%.

Territory Management Screen and Mobile

Dramatically improve sales and generate up to 20% more revenue.

  • Stay organized
  • Focus on the true needs of prospects
  • Save time
  • Ensure you’re working the right territory
  • Increase sales

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For managerial observation of staff, it has completely changed the way we are able to see what each field rep is doing on a day-to-day basis. We now have knowledge into how many clients our reps are seeing per day.

– D. Simpson, VP Sales, Salient Medical

Sales Team Productivity software will help find the right dials to turn and optimize every part of your outside sales process.


Executive Insights

SPOTIO provides historical and real-time conversion data so field sales managers can establish pipeline benchmarks and properly forecast business. Use proven data to measure team performance and find leaks in the funnel.

Route Optimization

Sales reps can efficiently plan their day by setting meetings and routing the best path to get there. While in their vehicle, they can easily see their next meeting, sort through new leads in their territory, and track mileage along the way.

Sales Intelligence

Stop wasting time with accounts that have a low chance of closing, and focus your attention on those that do.

Via our integration with Google Places, get details around lead targeting, addressable markets, and lead sorting.

Lead Management

SPOTIO’s lead management software eliminates the need to use multiple tools to collect and track leads.

Stay organized, focus on the true needs of prospects, save time, increase sales, and know you’re working the right territories.

Customer Mapping Decrease Sales Rep Turnover Improvement in Sales Team Productivity Increase Gross Revenue