Outside Sales Tracking

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Outside Sales Tracking

Outside Sales Tracking by SPOTIO

While it is impossible for you, the sales manager, to be everywhere at once, you can still accurately and efficiently track outside sales for optimum sales performance. Outside sales tracking should not monitor every movement sales reps make. Instead, track the activity of sales reps to provide better management, higher sales and make business decisions based on data.

Benefits of Outside Sales Tracking

SPOTIO, the outside sales tracking app, optimizes your sales processes by keeping you informed about the activities taking place out in your sales territories. Using SPOTIO provides the following benefits that without this robust app, you would otherwise not have access to:

  • Enhanced sales territory design and management: draw out specific territories and assign them to sales reps. This alone saves you up to 3 hours per day shuffling printed maps, highlighters and pens.
  • Powerful, real-time data: provides immediate feedback of activity taking place in sales territories where your outside sales reps are working. Base your decisions, sales processes, and management on facts rather than guessing.
  • Strengthen sales skills of your team: use data to determine where outside sales reps need the most help and coach them to success. This inspires you to become an even better manager who supports and helps their sales reps based on opportunities that present themselves through powerful app data.

Customize Your Outside Sales Process

SPOTIO gives you the authority to customize your outside sales process to accurately track outside sales. Collecting as much data as you need inside SPOTIO is at your fingertips and gives you the power to make immediate decisions based on real-time data.

Create custom statuses and fields inside the app that represent the pieces of data that are most important to you and your sales funnel. For example, see when and where your outside sales team knocked doors with date and time stamps as well as the outcome of each door knock.

Changes and updates occur in real time, enabling you to make prompt management decisions that directly affect your outside sales process as it unfolds out in the field.

Accurately Manage Your Outside Sales Team

It’s important to assign outside sales territories so that sales reps know exactly where to go and which doors to knock. To do this, you need real-time data and analytics based specifically on your outside sales process. Use this factual information to expertly make the best decisions to manage your team and sales funnel by putting outside sales reps in the right place out in the field.

Captured data also creates a historical record. You intuitively know the exact moment to re-assign certain territories to outside sales reps to re-knock doors and re-engage with homeowners within that specific territory.

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