SPOTIO is Your Map My Customers Alternative

Looking For A Map My Customers Alternative? Meet Spotio.

Why switch to Spotio?

  • Autoplays – show reps exactly who they should engage with, how to engage them, and when they should
  • Assign territories faster
  • Better lead prospecting
  • Accurate data & location verification
  • Track sales activities across your entire organization
  • Easy-to-use mobile app

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Your reps won’t remember how they lived without Spotio

“Spotio helps keep me organized! That's huge. Knowing who to concentrate on has been a huge time saver.”
Ted T.
“If you are canvassing, Spotio will make your life much easier.”
G2 User
“Intuitive, quick, and highly customizable. This app has increased my productivity 10 fold. I really couldn’t do my job without it.”
Evan G.
Financial Services

Map My Customers


$69 / month (business plan)

$70 / month (Medium Team Plan)

Basic Sales & GPS Tracking

Parent / Child Pin Management

Multichannel Activity Tracking

Advanced Performance Reporting

Prequalified Lead Lists

Territory Hierarchies

Automated Sequences

CRM Auto-Activity Logging

The fastest growing companies choose Spotio over Map My Customers to Streamline sales

Sales Route Optimization

Your contacts and leads are organized into one efficient route that takes into account any planned appointments. With automatic route planning, you can focus on selling.

Sales Routing. Route Planner. Sales Route Planner App

Territory Management

Spotio saves field managers hours of time once spent on creating, assigning, and managing sales territories.

Create and assign specific territories for each sales rep directly within Spotio.

Real-Time Analytics & Reporting

Historical and real-time conversion data so field sales managers can establish pipeline benchmarks and properly forecast business.

Lead Management

Streamline prospecting with our native CRM integrations and stop spending time on administrative tasks.

Track leads in real-time as they move through the sales funnel.

46% Improvement

In Sales Team Productivity

14% Reduction

In Sales Rep Turnover

23% Increase

In Gross Revenue

See How Spotio Helps You Hit Your Numbers

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