LP – Geopointe Alternative (PPC)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Want to Improve Your Team's Sales Performance?

SPOTIO, Your Geopointe Alternative 

Your Geopointe alternative needs to be better than the original. That’s why we offer everything you use in Geopointe (and much more).

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Why switch to SPOTIO?

  • Bolt-on to any CRM, not just Salesforce
  • Assign territories faster
  • Better lead prospecting
  • Re-engage with prospects using SPOTIO’s historical data
  • Track sales activities across your entire organization
  • eContracts so you can close deals in the field

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For managerial observation of staff, it has completely changed the way we are able to see what each field rep is doing on a day-to-day basis. We now have knowledge into how many clients our reps are seeing per day.

– D. Simpson, VP Sales, Salient Medical

Visualizing sales territories gets even better with dozens of additional data points available right in SPOTIO. Using these insights, managers can ensure that the best reps are working on the right leads.

Territory Management Screen and Mobile

CRM Integration

This Geopointe alternative integrates with Salesforce (as well as any other CRM you might be using). Meaning, your field data and CRM will always be in perfect harmony.

Sales Route Optimization

Your contacts and leads are organized into one efficient route that takes into account any planned appointments. With automatic route planning, you can focus on selling.

Google Maps Powered

Any locations that can be found in Google Maps are in SPOTIO, meaning you don’t need to search for individual addresses or create manual lists.

Lead Management

Streamline prospecting with our native CRM integrations and stop spending time on administrative tasks. Track leads in real-time as they move through the sales funnel.

Leads by Territories Shown by Value in a Snapshot View Improvement in Sales Team Productivity Decrease Sales Rep Turnover Increase Gross Revenue