SPOTIO vs. Salesforce Maps

Spotio vs. Sales Force Maps - See Why Spotio is the Preferred Mapping Solution for Field Sales Teams.

Create efficient routes based on distance from point to point and optimizing it by the shortest path.

  • Colorize pins based on any data point
  • Help reps stay organized
  • Reps can colorize and sort pins to best fit their workflow

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Your reps won’t remember how they lived without Spotio

“Spotio helps keep me organized! That's huge. Knowing who to concentrate on has been a huge time saver.”
Ted T.
“If you are canvassing, Spotio will make your life much easier.”
G2 User
“Intuitive, quick, and highly customizable. This app has increased my productivity 10 fold. I really couldn’t do my job without it.”
Evan G.
Financial Services

Salesforce Maps

Auto-Log Sales Activity in CRM

Basic Sales & GPS Tracking

Designed for High Activity Sales

Multichannel Activity Tracking

Advanced Activity Reporting

Google Places (B2B)

CRM Agnostic

Automated Rep Sequences

Messaging Templates

Spotio’s Mapping shows reps which accounts need which action based on their needs. With these insights, Managers Can Ensure Reps Are Working The Right Leads.

Field Data Entry

Capture lead details such as time at location and next steps, pull accounts while in the field to see the full history, and organize your leads and opportunities with colorized pins to visualize your pipeline. 

Google Places Integration

Via our direct integration with Google Places, get detailed business information for enhanced lead targeting, lead sorting (filter information by name, phone, email, and business type), and filtered map views of businesses within your territory.

Sales Routing. Route Planner. Sales Route Planner App

Sales Route Optimization

Your contacts and leads are organized into one efficient route that takes into account any planned appointments. With automatic route planning, reps can focus on selling.

Lead Management

Streamline prospecting with our native CRM integrations and stop spending time on administrative tasks.

Track leads in real-time as they move through the sales funnel.

46% Improvement

In Sales Team Productivity

14% Reduction

In Sales Rep Turnover

23% Increase

In Gross Revenue

See How Spotio Helps You Hit Your Numbers

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