SPOTIO is the #1 Canvassing App for Reps & Managers

SPOTIO enables canvassing sales teams with unprecedented prospecting capabilities, increasing sales efficiency by up to 46%.

With SPOTIO’s canvassing app, enable your canvassing team for success.

  • Canvassers can see when sales reps are available and then book appointments immediately
  • Newly scheduled appointments are sent directly to the sales reps’ calendar
  • Canvassers waste no time calling a closer to schedule an appointment
  • Scheduling an appointment in SPOTIO sends an email to the customer

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Your reps won’t remember how they lived without SPOTIO

“SPOTIO helps keep me organized! That's huge. Knowing who to concentrate on has been a huge time saver.”
Ted T.
“If you are canvassing, SPOTIO will make your life much easier.”
G2 User
“Intuitive, quick, and highly customizable. This app has increased my productivity 10 fold. I really couldn’t do my job without it.”
Evan G.
Financial Services

SPOTIO is a software solution for canvassing teams. Whether you're a rep or manager, SPOTIO will take your canvassing sales to the next level.


All the fields you had in your lead sheets for canvassers to fill in can be done right from SPOTIO’s customizable mobile platform. Collect and pass all notes and information from your canvasser to your closer in a matter of seconds.

Lead Machine

Lead Machine is a sales intelligence tool located within SPOTIO that is your one-stop-shop for identifying strong leads and managing territories based on reliable, up-to-date data.

Team Chat

SPOTIO’s internal chat encourages rep engagement and an open feedback loop with managers. Talk with individuals 1-on-1 or chat with a specific group. 

Keep your team in the know throughout the day.

Lead Management

Streamline prospecting with our native CRM integrations and stop spending time on administrative tasks.

Track leads in real-time as they move through the sales funnel.

46% Improvement

In Sales Team Productivity

14% Reduction

In Sales Rep Turnover

23% Increase

In Gross Revenue

See How SPOTIO Helps You Hit Your Numbers

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