Flying Sales Territories - What Flying, Seeing a Movie & Territory Management Have in Common

What Flying, Seeing a Movie & Territory Management Have in Common

There’s a reason I don’t like to fly Southwest Airlines and why going to see a movie with my wife used to be miserable; and no its not because we found a theater that serves beer and food throughout the whole show.

Maybe you can relate to this situation…

God forbid you forgot to check in 3 days prior for your Southwest flight and you are in the dreaded Boarding Group 4.  The bane of flyers everywhere.

Not only are ALL of the overhead compartments going to be full but there’s no chance in hell you are getting anything that resembles a decent seat.

Congrats, you get to sit next to the sweaty guy in Row 92 Seat E or the screaming baby in Row 49 Seat B.

Airplane Cartoon

Same goes for the movies.  You are happily driving to the movies to get there 10 minutes early so you can get a decent seat and Ah Oh, some traffic hits and now you are running just a few minutes late.

Well guess what, unless you are seeing some movie that nobody cares about you are now relegated to the Front Row and will have neck pain and potentially be near sighted for the next month.  Oh by the way, there’s no chance you are getting two seats next to each other so your special date night just turned into solo night.

Its all about the Assigned Seat and knowing where you are going and what you are going to do before you start.

Why do I LOVE going to the movies now?  Because I get online a week before the show, purchase tickets and get the two best seats right in the middle of the theater 4/7ths from the top, right where I like it.

Same for the flights, I buy early and get the isle seat as close to the front as I can.  Why the isle?  Well, I have a tendency to use the restroom a lot and I like easy access and there’s nothing like getting off the plan early while everybody else is stuck waiting behind the family of 8 that is having trouble getting everybody in line.

Now you are certainly asking yourself what does all this have to do with sales after all you didn’t come here to read my rants about flying and I’m no Jerry Seinfeld so my good material is wayyyy behind me.

Airline Peanutes

Comfort & Confidence

Knowing where you need to go and what you need to do provides a TON of comfort for a new sales rep which leads to confidence and confidence leads to more sales.

If you, as a sales manager, are leaving it up to your sales team to decide where they will start prospecting then they very well could be driving around aimlessly trying to find the “Perfect Place” to start thus wasting a ton of time and energy in the process.

After you finish the training you do in house and in the field have a well thought out location for them to start.  Heck, even if its not well thought out at least sound like you are confident that its a great territory and they will think it is too.

Creating and assigning out territories using territory management software wouldn’t take much preparation and would provide a clear direction to a new sales hire about where they need to go to start selling they are more likely to have a higher level of confidence and can start producing faster.

If you look at the metrics that drive door to door sales one of the most important ones which is getting in front of Qualified Prospects can have everything to do with the territory one is working.  No sales can happen if no qualified prospects are reached.

Territory Management with Spotio

If you are just getting into territory management and need to know where to start check out this other blog post I wrote called “A Free Tool for Territory Mapping Research” and also “Stop Guessing, the Truth about Territory Management”

Next time you have a training class, have a locked in place territory management game plan on where you are going to send each rep.  Its amazing what a little comfort, confidence and focus can do.


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