SPOTIO Release Notes – February 2nd, 2016

SPOTIO Release Notes – February 2nd, 2016

We’re SO excited to give you a glance into this latest Mobile and Web feature release.

No worries, all of your favorite mobile features are still available we’ve just added a few that will make managing your team less of a headache.

So lets dive right in…

Those of you on our Sprint Plan and who are familiar with our Territory Management feature, once you hit the layers icon from your map you will now see “Territories”.

What this means is not only will you be able to SEE your territories but CREATE and ASSIGN them within the mobile app!

IMG 2478 - SPOTIO Release Notes - February 2nd, 2016
We really tried to focus on your requests and heard your roars loud and clear. You’ll now be able to ADD & MANAGE your sales team directly FROM the mobile app!

IMG 2477 - SPOTIO Release Notes - February 2nd, 2016

The video below will walk-through and touch on the the newest additions to the Web App, such as the NEWLY added Layers tab under the Territory Management section, an extra level of security and updates to our beloved Team Hierarchy.

If you have any questions about the features you see here or simply want more information on SPOTIO, contact our support team at

If you are a sales leader or rep, and want to see what SPOTIO is all about then click HERE to register your free, 14 Day Trial.