Using Spotio for the dry cleaning and route business

Spotio for Dry Cleaning and Route Sales

After doing multiple demo’s for companies in the route business I made a quick video showcasing how Spotio could be used by a dry cleaning company to increase sales by working their neighborhoods better and help plan the daily schedule each morning.

This is just one way to do it and the beauty of Spotio is that you can completely customize it to fit your sales process.  If you are in the route business then hopefully this give you some ideas in how to track data in a way that you might have not considered before.

If you are not in the route business then the short video is worth watching because I go over a different use case for Spotio which is creating and optimizing a driving route for pickups and delivery.  Many other business do these sort of things.

The easiest sell you will every have is a referral from a current happy customer.  It isn’t even a cold call really.  So for all the route drivers our there whether you are in the dry cleaning business or not make absolutely SURE to do these two things:

1) ask each of your stops if they know somebody else in the area you might be able to help
2)ask them if you can use them as a reference when talking to other potential customers in the area

Then, go and reach out to anybody and everybody you can find around there and tell them how “Gary over in Building C said you can ask him anytime how good of care we take of him and we would love to take care of you too.”

Another really good thing I go over in this video is getting information from the prospect even if they are not interested.  For the dry cleaning business I would ask, “Do you currently use a dry cleaning service?” and if “Yes” then “who do you use?”

You are already at their door or business so you might as well learn something about your target market.  The informational database you are building is way more valuable than market knowledge though.

You are going to have a super targeted list of people to market to.  If you talk to 10,000 people and 6,000 of them tell you they use a dry cleaning service and they currently use your competitor then that is where you are going to focus your efforts when promotions come around or you have something interested to tell them.

The main point is to get creative in how you set up your Spotio account.  Sure, tracking door knocks is great and an absolute MUST for any company with an outside sales team but by spending just a few more seconds asking a few more questions you can really start to build a very valuable database of knowledge using SPOTIO’s field sales software.