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Spotio at the Clean Show 2015

What is a Clean Show anyway?

This past weekend I attended the Clean Show in Atlanta, GA.  For those of you out there that have never heard of it – no it wasn’t for custodial engineers but rather all things dry cleaning and laundry.

Not being too familiar with the industry, I thought the entire show could be held in a high school gymnasium, I mean really how much stuff is there to look at for dry cleaning?

Boy was I wrong.  Thousands and thousands of people and tens of thousands of square feet later I realized just how big this industry is.  From pieces of equipment that could fold your sheets seven ways from Sunday to a commercial washing machine that could double as a submarine and all in between.  


It wasn’t really the size of the industry that surprised me the most but the people in it.  These are family businesses passed down from generation to generation.  Good people running good businesses.  Overall a pleasure to work with and be around.

I shared a booth with The Route Pro, more specifically James, Mark and Cliff.  Who have all been great advocates of Spotio.  Standing for 10 hours a day in a 10×10 square and chatting up anybody that walks by can become monotonous but with this crew the time flied.

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The Route Pro is the definitive leader when it comes to consulting for creating and growing a route business.  Part of their marketing efforts come from door to door sales so it is naturally a good fit for them to recommend Spotio to their customers.

It was a really good show where I got to meet some current Spotio customers and show potential new ones the power of sales activity tracking to much fan fare.

One of the common theme’s I heard from current customers and potential new ones is their hesitation to fully require their teams to use Spotio to track each door knock because they felt the reps would get frustrated and potentially quit.

Its a lot tougher to bring change to an existing sales force than a new one but sometimes must be done nonetheless.  I will be devoting a couple upcoming blog posts on my thoughts to best implement a tool like Spotio for existing sales teams and new ones alike.  Being prepared can go a long way to increase the likelihood of adoption.

The Clean Show was a success, not because I got so many new Spotio customers (which we did get quite a few) but because I got to meet some great people, including several current Spotio customers and hear about their successes while using the app and get some constructive criticism on what needs improvements. 

In case you haven’t dealt with the Spotio team personally we are emphatic about our customers gaining value from using our product.  Our #1 goal is to provide you with a tool to make more money, whether you are a owner/manager or sales rep.

I’m looking forward to the next Clean Show in 2017 in my favorite place in the US, Las Vegas!  I’ve already made casino plans with my favorite dry cleaners from New York.  I’ll see you there Hilo!

The New Most Interesting Man in the World?

And now for a word about the leader of The Route Pro, James Peuster.  I met James when he downloaded Spotio to test it with one of his customers and I called to see what brought him to us.  We got to talking and I did a webinar for his clients and now we have quite a few dry cleaning businesses using Spotio.  

I am forever grateful for being introduced to this industry.  I am still blown away at how many doors dry cleaners knock.  I have yet to have somebody come by my door to try and sell me a route service because I think its a no-brainer.

Anyways, I digress,  I had never met James in person though so the Clean Show would be my first experience.

Let me tell you, this guy is a real force of nature.  Not sure where he gets all the energy from but he was unstoppable the whole trade show.  Pretty much a celebrity in his own rite with a non stop flow of people from all over the world coming over to say hi, catch up and talk shop.

In all my dealings with his customers and others from the industry I have never heard anything but positive things about him, his team and the service they provide customers.

After hours and hours and hours of standing around a booth talking I am considering removing the title from the Dos Equis guy and giving the “Most Interesting Man in the World” title to James. 


Whether it was the story of how he holds the world record for landing on “Bankrupt” the most times in Wheel of Fortune (HERE’S a link to the youtube video), the time his airplane crash landed on the runway or how every other year he takes the “Six Degrees of Separation” challenge where one of his friends names a celebrity he has to meet by working through a chain of shared connections (past winners include the widow of Lee Harvey Oswald, Charley Sheen and Barry Williams aka Greg Brady), the stories are endless and as entertaining as any good movie.

Thanks again to James, Mark and Cliff for a my first Clean Show experience.  Looking forward to many more.