Press Release: SPOTIO Multi-Channel Communication (MCC) – Feature Upgrade

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SPOTIO delivers industry-first hybrid multi-channel communication Capabilities Within field sales engagement platform

New functionality to streamline real-time coordination and improve hybrid field sales performance.

DALLAS, TX, Mar. 1, 2022. SPOTIO, the leader in field sales engagement software today announces the release of their highly-anticipated multi-channel communications module to streamline coordination of revenue-generating activities for field sales teams. Multi-channel communication – or “MCC” – enables field sales reps to organize, manage, and coordinate their sales activity from any place – and any device – while keeping the rest of the team updated in real-time. MCC provides a seamless hybrid sales experience for communicating through multiple channels within the SPOTIO product.

The pandemic has created new challenges for field sales teams. These challenges force field sales teams to go “hybrid” and start working from home or the office with increased regularity. 

“Before this release, our multi-channel communications capability existed solely in our mobile app,” says SPOTIO’s Head of Product Management, Jonathan Moss. “Today’s sales teams need always-on access, so we’ve built a seamless web and mobile experience that enables sales reps to be more productive and connected to their customers. Whether working from home or being out in the field, there is no barrier to effective engagement.”

With the Hybrid MCC feature, SPOTIO can easily capture all sales activity without creating more work and hassle for your field sales team – anytime, anywhere, and on any device, effectively bridging the gap between inside and outside sales motions. Less friction for your reps means they can focus on deals instead of spinning their wheels on outdated and cumbersome communication processes.

More frequent and real-time updates mean more accurate forecasts, better coaching, and, ultimately, better performance for your field sales teams.

“The future of field sales is a hybrid motion where sales reps can transition from home to office, to field seamlessly and communicate with customers and prospects on many channels,” said SPOTIO’s CEO, Trey Gibson. “The release of this feature will be a huge improvement for our customers, but it’s also a giant leap towards our goal of becoming the most advanced field sales engagement provider in the market.”

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