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SPOTIO Release Notes – December 1st, 2015

The SPOTIO Team is elated to share with you the newest features released to the public on December 1st, 2015.  We’ve been listening to you, our customer, and working over-time to add in what you need to more effectively run your business and we think you’ll more than like it.

Here’s a Summary of What You Can Expect in this Release:

1) KPI Dashboard

2) Team Leaderboard

3) Team Hierarchy & By-the-User Pin View/Edit Rules –
*if you are an existing customer, log in to verify your hierarchy settings

4) Mobile Offline Mode

5) Native iPad App

And the Crowd Goes Wild!!!Spotio announces major feature release

Download the New Apps Here:

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Make Better Decisions with the KPI Dashboard

After polling our most active customers and asking them what information would they want to see that would help them run their business better we created this dashboard.  Each graph and metric is put there for a purpose.

The KPI’s Included Are –

Number of Attempts, Contacts, Qualifieds, Leads and Sales:
instead of looking at pin statuses you can look at these KPI’s to see how the team is doing for a given data range.

Contact Rate:
How many Attempts does it take to get in front of somebody.  Contact rate is a great indicator if you are making your attempts at the right time of day.

Qualified Rate:
How many Contacts are Qualified to buy.  Qualified Rate is very useful to tell you if you are working the right territory.

Lead Rate:
Of those that are qualified to buy how many move into a “Lead.”  A lead is typically a customer that is already qualified and show a certain level of interest.

Close Rate:
How many leads buy what you’re selling.

(Learn why the previous 3 KPI’s determine your sales success by clicking HERE)

Percentage of Verified Pins:
This will tell you if your team is at the location when they create or update the status.  Adds an additional layer of accountability.

Percentage of Created vs. Updated Pins:
If all you are doing is creating pins then you aren’t properly working your territories.  By creating a balance and using this in combination with your Contact Rate you will have great insight into whether you are leaving any stone unturned when prospecting.

Best Time of Day to Make Contact:
We take your contacts and put them as a percentage to what time of day they are happening.

Best Day of Week to Make Contact:
Same thing as the Best Time of Day but rather the day of week.

Drive Friendly Competition with the Team Leaderboard

With this simple and elegant leaderboard your team is going to be vying for position at all times.  Out of the box we offer 7 metrics and 8 timeframes with which the numbers can be calculated.

Gamification is a big buzz word right now and with this Leaderboard you will officially gamify your sales team.

Learn More by watching this video –


Create Team Hierarchies & By-the-User Pin View/Edit Rules

For companies with multiple teams or locations you are going to have the flexibility to set up on a per user basis who manages who and what pins they can see.  From a franchise with 800 locations or just a local company with two managers you can give each person in charge access to manage their team and all their numbers roll up so you at the top can view them as a whole or by each individual.

*If you are an existing Spotio customer login to your account and verify the hierarchy settings are setup the way you want

Learn More by watching this video –

No Data Signal, No Problem with Mobile Offline Mode

Cell coverage is better than ever and continues to grow each day but there are still areas where reps don’t have good coverage therefore the old Spotio app wasn’t an option for them.  Now we added in an offline option where pins can be added in and stored locally on the device then when you switch back to online mode all those pins will be synced back to the server..

This means that you can leave the pin and paper at home for good because you are all digital now baby!

Available today on Android and in the next few weeks on iOS.

Spotio Offline Mode

Native iPad App

Sure our iPhone app works fine on the iPad but it stretched out the picture and wasn’t optimal.  We now have a native iPad app that is made speciically for its screen size.

ipad logo

 We couldn’t be more excited to get the newest version of SPOTIO in your hands.  These are some absolutely game changing additions that is going to help everybody take it to the next level.

Here’s to Your Success!

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If you are a mobile sales leader and want to see what SPOTIO is all about then click HERE to register for a free, 14 day trial.