Product Update: Lasso Tool & Daily / Weekly Reports

Want to Improve Your Team's Sales Performance?

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Lasso Tool


The Lasso Tool simplifies route creation by giving you the ability to manually draw custom routes around desired stops.


Simplified routing. Select key leads and create a customized route, tailoring your route to exact specifications. The result? Optimize your path to meetings and streamline your day.

Daily Weekly Reports


Sales Admins and Managers can opt-in to receive daily and weekly reports via email, from SPOTIO; sharing key performance data about sales teams.

  • Choose to receive reports daily, weekly, or none at all
  • Receive formatted reports of Dashboard views straight to your email
  • If you change your mind, simply unsubscribe from reports


Stay on top of each reps performance with automated reports from SPOTIO. Having a digest of each reps performance dashboard automatically sent to your inbox not only simplifies the management process, but it ensures you’re on top of individual and team performance. Quickly identify any issues and address them in real-time.


SPOTIO is the #1 field sales acceleration and performance management software that will increase revenue, maximize profitability, and boost sales productivity.

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