Hail Trace Integration

Want to Improve Your Team's Sales Performance?

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With the SPOTIO + Hail Trace integration you can ALWAYS be the first company with boots on the ground in the most affected areas of the storm.

SPOTIO leverages Hail Trace’s storm data so managers can not only target areas directly impacted by a storm, but also uncover new areas of damage. The hail maps provide a layover inside SPOTIO giving visibility into a storm’s path.

Use the hail maps to easily create and assign out territories to your reps so they focus their effort on the part of the storm you have identified as priority – all without every having to leave SPOTIO.  

Simply move the SPOTIO map to the storm area or search to find a specific map.  From here, use the territory tool to create and allocate territories to your team so they know where the impacted area of the storm is that they are responsible for.  This allows lighting fast dispatching of teams, ensures market saturation and the end result is the storm will be worked more efficiently than ever before.

About Hail Trace

Hail Trace is a weather consulting company that specializes in forensics of past weather events. They can create maps that show areas that have been affected by many types of severe weather including hail, wind, tornadoes, snow, or rain.

Additionally, Hail Trace does many live severe weather feeds that alert to active severe weather patterns, or even possible future events enabling you to create and market to those storms in a more effective manner. Visit them and learn more at hailtrace.com