Getting Paid for Every Door Knock: Calculate Your DPD

Getting Paid for Every Door Knock: Calculate Your DPD

Rejection is part of sales and there is no getting around it. In door to door sales and direct sales the rejection can be a little more extreme than a corporate sales job where you deal with executives in a suit and tie that will let you down easy or a front office person that kills you with kindness but doesn’t let you past the gatekeeper.

What’s great about door to door sales is that there is no gatekeeper. You talk directly to the decision maker most of the time but expect to get a door slammed in your face, called various expletives or even the occasional dog and if you are really special then maybe even a baseball bat or gun.

Sounds fun right? Well there is a simple way to turn every single door into a game of its own. A game to where no matter what happens at that door you KNOW you just made money.

This is a reality for you whether you know it or not. If you are in any kind of sales, not only door to door sales then you earn something for every attempt you make.

How motivated would you be to go to work everyday and knock doors if you knew that you were making $25 per door you knocked on.

Not Home? I’ll take that $25
Not Interested? Another $25
Door Slammed With 4 Letter Words Yelled? Thank you sir but thats another $25
Interested but Not Ready to Buy? No problem, I’ll take my $25

Right now you are saying to yourself, “Not once when somebody slams the door did I ever get any money.”

And you would be right but guess what. If you keep going somewhere on that street or the next you will get a SELL. Is it this door, the door after that or 6 from now. You just don’t know.

So do you get that money at the end of the day or your shift? Probably not, it might come in a paycheck in two weeks or commission in a month but if you know your numbers then you can calculate what you make on a per door basis.

Here’s How:

Take the Total Number of doors you have to knock to make a sell and divide it into your average commission per sell.

Calculating the dollars per door knocked

Calculating the dollars per door knocked

If you have never tracked your door knocks before then now is the time to start. Use a knock sheet and clip board if you are stuck in the stone ages or you can use the SPOTIO app. You want to get a good average but that requires tracking every door over a period of time.

To start shoot for 10 sells then figure out your dollar per door figure. How many doors did you have to knock to get those 10 sells. Now you will have your average doors knocked per sell. Divide your average commission by average doors knocked per sell and there you go: Dollars Per Door (DPD).

If you are just starting out in a new industry then your DPD is going to be lower but you will be excited to see it rise as you become better and better at what you do.

For managers and owners, this is a great way to add daily motivation for the team. Remember to focus on DOING WHAT YOU CAN DO TODAY and the DPD will have your reps focus on getting the work done now.

Here are a few ways to drastically increase your DPD:

  • Practice: What are the top reps in your company or industry doing that is different than you? I would be willing to be that their DPD isn’t higher because they knock MORE doors but because they get more out of the doors they knock.
  • Be scientific about working your territory: Knock first at the times when the contact rate is going to be the highest but go back through the neighborhood and hit your “Not Homes” at a different time.
  • Use References: Have some current happy customers in their neighborhood? Use them as a referral. This builds a ton of trust and is very easy to do. It is best to ask permission before you use somebody as a reference but if they are a truly satisfied customer then they will be glad to help.
  • Follow Up: Even the best closers in the business aren’t going to be able to get them all. Take good notes and enter the lead into SPOTIO immediately. Set a reminder to follow up based on an agreed to time frame you have with the customer. Really want to blow somebody’s socks off? After you meet with them send a hand written Thank You note where you thank them for their time and mention the date and time of the follow up and that you look forward to it. Always put something in there unique about a moment or conversation you had with them so they know you specially wrote them this card.

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