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Providing your sales team with up to date marketing material used to mean you had to give away all your old stuff before you could reorder.

Or, you kept your ordering quantities low so if you had to do a reprint you would be potentially throwing away thousands of old tri-fold brochures that showcase last years model.

If you have a large outside sales team then keeping the most up to date marketing collateral in their hands can prove to be challenging. 

You may be emailing out the latest powerpoint presentation or pdf document to your sales team but who knows if they are getting it and even using it.

There is a simple and FREE solution available to you that will help solve this problem and it rhymes with Dropbox.

I personally use Dropbox to hold my entire hard drive so if I lose my laptop all of my files are stored in the cloud and all I need to do is get my new computer, install Dropbox and sync it.  Its the best $9.99 I spend all month because if you travel like I do losing your computer is a real possibility.

But we aren’t here to talk about backing up hard drives in the cloud, we are here to talk about an easy way to provide your outside sales team with the most up to date marketing collateral.

The main benefits to this include:

1) Consistent message delivered by the sales team
2) Move from traditional print to a more cutting edge technology platform
3) Save costs associated with printing sales materials and presentations

Here are the Step by Steps to use Dropbox to Distribute Marketing and Sales Presentations

1) Sign up for a Dropbox account

2) Create a new folder that will hold your marketing material and presentations

Using dropbox for marketing collateral sharing

3) Drop in your files


4) Have your team sign up for a free Dropbox account

5) Share the folder to your teams Dropbox email address


The ones you invited will get an email where they can click on the link and now your marketing folder will be shared to their Dropbox.

Now that your team has access to the folder all you have to do is make sure that your most up to date material is in there.

If you make any changes you need to delete the old version out of the folder and put the new version in.  Do not have more than one version of the same piece in there because that will defeat the purpose of the whole shared folder to begin with

How Your Team Uses the Folder

Dropbox has a great app for every device so when it is time for a presentation the sales rep will open their Dropbox app and launch the file from in there.  Instruct them not to save it to their device because then in the future when they launch the file they may be using an old version.  If they always open the file that is in the shared Dropbox folder then they will always have the most up to date version.

What if a Sales Rep No Longer Works for You?

If or when a sales rep no longer works for your company all you have to do is un-invite them from the Dropbox shared folder.  This will prevent them from accessing your company information anymore.


An Added Bonus – Emailing the Marketing Pieces to Potential Customers

Dropbox will not only allow you to keep the sales team up to date with the latest and greatest presentation but also reduce costs in print material by emailing your potential customers the tri fold instead of leaving them a hard copy.  

Customers are becoming more and more used to getting sales material emailed to them.  I went in the Tesla store this past weekend and the gentleman working there asked me if I wanted a brochure, I said of course because what else was I going to look at while waiting for my wife to try on dresses?  Well, he pulled out his ipad mini and had me fill out a few fields and next thing I got the brochure in my inbox.

You are still going to have to have some hard copy print outs to leave with customers but the pieces that change often or not used very often can easily be emailed out.