SPOTIO with Special Guest Fee Navigator at Western States Acquirers Association Oct. 13-14

SPOTIO and Fee Navigator at WSAA
Want to Improve Your Team's Sales Performance?

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SPOTIO with Special Guest Fee Navigator
to be at Western States Acquirers Association’s Ft. Worth Event Oct. 13-14

SPOTIO, joined by special guest Fee Navigator, will welcome 500+ members of the acquiring business community for two days of training, education and networking at the Western States Acquirers Association’s 2021 event at the Omni Ft. Worth Hotel.

SPOTIO’s field sales engagement software helps outside sales teams eliminate guesswork and increase agent productivity by automating admin tasks, organizing sales activity, and providing real-time visibility in the field. 

Now with a new integration with Fee Navigator, SPOTIO is the choice for merchant services companies who want to simplify and automate merchant acquisition and retention. 

SPOTIO with Fee Navigator

Right from within the SPOTIO app agents can access Fee Navigator’s Instant Savings Calculator, complete with estimator and history. By simplifying, automating, and standardizing merchant statement analysis and proposals, the integration empowers ISOs, ISVs, banks, consultants, and their partners to optimize and control profitability on every deal.

SPOTIO Fee Navigator screen capture


In addition to the New Fee Navigator integration, SPOTIO provides 4 key benefits to merchant services companies:


With SPOTIO, never waste a second on unqualified prospects. SPOTIO’s Lead Machine gives you the data you need to identify the right leads. Choose a territory with precise filters for your specific needs and a custom lead list will be generated. Our map feature also integrates with Google Places providing easy access to contact information for all nearby businesses, making every sales activity count.

Generate Quality Leads


Field sales leaders have historically never had transparency about field activity, leaving them to guess their way to growth. SPOTIO provides managers with real-time visibility into their sales team’s location and every channel of customer communication so they can coach their team accordingly.

Visibility into the process


SPOTIO’s Multi-Channel Communication feature allows agents to record and plan all their prospect touchpoints in one place – face-to-face meetings, calls, texts, and emails. Log every interaction united in one location. Plus, the activity tracks in real-time, so you understand what is happening and how it needs to be improved or duplicated.

Multichannel Communication


Do you struggle to bring new agents up to speed? Accelerate the process with AutoPlays: the beating heart of SPOTIO. The AutoPlays feature instructs agents exactly when and how to reach out to each prospect. The day’s tasks are laid out, prioritized, and ready for execution. Take the guesswork out of sales for your agents.

SPOTIO + Fee Navigator is a great fit for Merchant Services companies who want a clear formula for how field sales activity drives revenue, enabling field sales teams to hit a growing number of accounts each month while simultaneously optimizing profit margins.

If you want a transformational platform for field sales teams where agents sell more, managers help their teams to sell more, and operations optimize their business to sell more, then you want SPOTIO – Now with Fee Navigator integrated within the app.

Autoplays for Onboarding

Come find us at WSAA Oct. 13-14 in Ft. Worth, TX!

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SPOTIO is a field sales engagement tool designed to improve efficiency and accelerate every aspect of the field sales process. For sales reps, managers and operations, SPOTIO is a solution that eases the burden of the day-to-day by automating manual tasks, fostering accountability, and providing tangible insight into how your sales organization is performing. 

With features such as CRM Mapping, Autoplays, Activity Tracking, Prospecting, and built-in Reporting Dashboards, SPOTIO centralizes outside sales team activities to provide sales organizations with the visibility and insight needed to drive revenue. 

Backed by Ballast Point Ventures, SPOTIO has accomplished rapid growth with a mission to transform outside sales teams to achieve more. SPOTIO is a privately held SaaS company based in Dallas, Texas.


About Fee Navigator

Fee Navigator is the award-winning, self-serve, enterprise-grade AI-powered service that allows acquirers, banks, and technology providers to instantly analyze merchant statements and accelerate merchant acquisition and retention. 

Their services streamline number-crunching, produce automated insights and help the industry sell faster, while simultaneously increasing merchant retention and agent satisfaction. 

By facilitating and enhancing commerce, Fee Navigator accelerates the growth of the merchant payments industry. For more information, please visit