Doing Work - Door to Door Sales: Start by Doing What You Can Control

Door to Door Sales: Start by Doing What You Can Control

We often say that “sales is a numbers game.” And while that does ring true, it also oversimplifies the critical element of selling by reducing your success to a good roll of the dice. Yes, your success selling door to door is dependent on several factors that you can’t control, but there is one factor that you can control, and in fact you must be on top of, if you’re going to succeed: your knocks.

There’s nothing you can do about the market. You have no control over the number of sales you will actually make. You can’t predict how many people will answer the door or even how many would need your product at all. But what you do control is your own effort, and that’s something you can leverage today and every day. The only thing stopping you from knocking on 40 doors today is yourself. Once you have those 40 knocks, you can maximize them by following up on your leads and working the territory. This is how you play the numbers game – but remember: in sales, to play the numbers, you have to make the numbers, first.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the mammoth task of success as a door to door salesperson, just stop. Stop thinking about everything that’s in your way, everything that could go wrong, everything you can’t control. Set that all aside, and just start doing the legwork. Set a goal for the number of doors you knock every day, and then go out and do it. It really is that simple to get started.

Once you’re out there, keep track of your results. Using a mobile app like Spotio makes it easy to do lead tracking, know what your results are, and even plan your routes in advance (which is especially great if you’re motivated by seeing your progress on a map). Tracking your leads and your progress lets you know what’s working and what isn’t, and you can make any necessary adjustments as you identify their causes.

The important thing to remember is that if you do the work, the sales will come. Once you’re out there doing your knocking, the overwhelm will subside and you’ll find some traction. And once you get to that point, don’t stop with doing the work – maximize your effort with the follow-ups, study the market, learn the territory, and then challenge yourself to bust through your average lead rate. If you’re getting 25%, set your sights on 30%. If you really want to press yourself, see what the top rep at your office does, and aim for that.