Amazing Sales Insights in 5 Minutes

Whats the point of tracking every sales activity if you do nothing with it?

In our never ending quest to provide you with exceptional value I sought out and found an excel genius who crafted what turned out to be more than a spreadsheet.  Its almost an entire dashboard app in its own.

You are going to be blown away by the statistics this thing will provide you.  And its easy to use too!

I still can’t believe this was created in excel.

Anyways, enough patting myself on the back, go ahead check it out for yourself.

HERE’S the link to download the zip file.  

When you click the link hit the download icon to save the file onto your computer.  You will get the main spreadsheet and a folder to hold your SPOTIO data.

Don’t have enough data yet?  I would suggest having a MINIMUM of 500 Attempts before trying out this spreadsheet. If your not there yet then go ahead and keep working.  We’ll be here waiting for you.

Some of My Favorite Stats You Will Learn:

For Canvassing & Lead Generation:

  1. How many Attempts it takes to get a Lead
  2. What time of day is producing the most Leads
  3. Which rep/s has the lowest Lead rate so you can try and replicate their success throughout the team

For Sales Reps:

  1. How many Attempts are you really making per day
  2. If you aren’t hitting your goals then where are you lacking
  3. How many Leads do you need to get a Sale

For Managers & Owners:

  1. How many Attempts it takes to get a Sale
  2. How many Qualifieds and Leads do I have out there that aren’t Sales and who do I need to give them to so they do
  3. What reps do I need to try and replicate their success


Here’s a video on how to get everything you need out of Spotio and into the spreadsheet to get going.

  • Clayton Hamilton

    This is amazing, Trey! CANT WAIT until i have 500 pins to try this out ! Keep up the insightful and helpful posts!

    • treygibson

      I appreciate it Clayton. Looking forward to hearing your feedback when you get the # of pins you need.

  • Jason Ferguson

    Very nice! Now the big question – how long until this is built in to the Spotio app?

    • treygibson

      I knew that question was coming Jason. Once we learn the exact graphs and KPI’s that are going to help Spotio customers get the most value we will fully bake them into the app. Last thing I want to do is develop a bunch of stuff that doesn’t help you run your business. Anything in particular that you want to see?

  • Cody

    Great report Trey! Just imported all the info and checking it out (good instructions on setting up the data) The KPIs by the day of the week is something that I was trying to figure out a report for and you have that covered in the spreadsheet. Keep up the great work!

    • treygibson

      Thanks Cody! Any other graphs or KPI’s you want to see just let me know. This can be a living breathing document as we learn what the customers want to see then we will implement them into the web app.

  • Paul

    This is awesome. thanks for the hard work.
    Now, It’s up to us and work on the pins 🙂

    • treygibson

      Thanks Paul. Go blow out 500 doors this weekend and let’s see some KPI’s!